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Reklamný prúžok
Reklamný prúžok
ENT Studio, o. z. | English version

ENTstudio, non-profit organization was established in May 2008

Founding members of the ENT studio o.z.:
Maria Lorencová, MD
Eva Tedlová, MD
Branislav Lorenc, MD
Miroslav Tedla, MD

Miroslav Tedla, MD

Deputy Director:
Branislav Lorenc, MD

Statutory representatives of an agency with equivalent powers:
Branislav Lorenc, MD, Miroslav Tedla, MD

ENT studio, NPO was founded on 1.3.2008 at the constituent meeting in Bratislava four founding members and was registered at the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic on 20/3/2008

Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic was awarded the association's identification number (ID) on 17/04/2008 Articles of association are available for inspection at the headquarters of the association.

The mission of our NPO is -through the goodwill and willingness of individuals, companies and institutions -to provide funds for:

  • support of medical research projects, diagnosis and treatment of voice and swallowing disorders and other ENT diseases
  • organizing and promoting educational activities focusing on voice and swallowing disorders and other ENT diseases
  • organization and promotion of cultural and charity events


ENT studio, NPO
Ružomberská 1573/8
82105 Bratislava

Slovak Republic

IČO: 42132371


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+421 903 691364
+44 7868 170178

Billing information:
2624180141 / 1100 - Tatra Banka